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Résumé for Reinaldo — Sculptor
  Born in Vigo, Spain in 1944.  At age 13, he began art classes at the Artistic Association of Guipuzcoa.  In 1959, Reinaldo started his sculpture training under sculptor Jorge Oteiza. He moved to Paris in 1963 to pursue further studies in art and completed his studies in 1971. Returning to Spain, he joined the Institute of Contemporary Aesthetic Analysis as a teacher—also under Jorge Oteiza.

In 1973, he formed the sculpture school/studio in Aya which he directed until 1978.  In 1980, Reinaldo founded the Association of Galician Sculptors.  From 1980 to 1982, he served as President of the Fine Arts Department of Cultural Affairs of Guipuzcoa.  While serving in this position, Reinaldo also served as Advisor to the Secretary of Culture of the Basque Government (Secretary Lavallen).

In 1982-1983, he co-founded and served as the first Director of the House of Culture Project which replaced the old fascist Cultural Clubs of Franco's regime with the new Houses of Culture.

Reinaldo was invited to come to the United States in 1984 to create a public sculpture for the Patriot Center which is located on the George Mason University Campus in Fairfax, Virginia.  He has remained in the United States until the present.

In 1988, Reinaldo and his wife (Patricia Ghiglino) founded Professional Restoration, Inc.—a company now operated by Patricia which specializes in the preservation and restoration of historic sculptures and architecture, as well as construction of new national memorials in the Washington, DC area.

Along these lines, Reinaldo has trained and supervised stone carvers and masons during the restoration of many significant national landmarks—including the Freer Gallery of Art; the Smithsonian Castle; the Washington Monument; and the Barnard Sculptures at the Pennsylvania State Capitol. Reinaldo has also been responsible for fabrication and installation of new stonework, including the fountains, reflecting pools and monumental walls at the Korean War Veterans Memorial located on the Mall adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial, and the Women in Military Service for America Memorial located at Arlington National Cemetery.

Recent works include a new 10-foot tall statue of Benjamin Banneker to be located at L'Enfant Plaza opposite the Smithsonian Institution; modeling, molds, and casting in concrete of new statues of the four Taft Memorial Bridge Lions (originally sculpted by Roland Hinton Perry in 1912); and a bronze bust of Sojouner Truth.



2000 Ira Pinto Gallery Washington, DC
1984-1986 Andreas Gallery

Washington, DC

1983 Galeria Kreisler Barcelona, Spain
1981 Museum Bonnaat Ville de Bayonne, France
1981 Galeria Kandinsky Madrid, Spain
1980 Galeria Novecento Vigo, Spain
1979 Parque de la Cuidadela Museum Pamplona, Spain
1977 San Telmo Museum San Sebastian, Spain
1976 Galeria Turner and selected others since 1973. Madrid, Spain
Reinaldo has also had group exhibitions in Annapolis MD, New Mexico, Washington DC, and Spain.



1992 Museum Discovery of America Huelva, Spain
1987 Trammel-Crow Building Atlanta, GA
1984 George Mason University Fairfax, VA


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