The Old Post Office Building
Washington, DC

Professional Restoration, Inc.
Provides the Following Services:

Consultation:   We can provide early detection of potential or actual problems in marble, granite, limestone, and other types of stones at any stage of a project (planning, design, construction, or maintenance).

Restoration & Conservation:  Of most types of building material — including stone, concrete, bronze, and decorative plaster.

Maintenance:   Of stone and metal ornamentation, as well as cleaning and maintenance of sculptures and buildings using the latest technology—combined with old world craftsmanship.

New Stone Work:  Experienced masons can create and install all types of stonework on new or restoration projects.

Sculptures/Carvings: Architectural sculptures, stone carvings and reproductions in bronze or in any type of stone.  All or parts of monuments, sculptures, and decorative moldings on buildings can be recreated and/or duplicated.



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